DigitalWell Ventures

Join The Future of Digital Health and Welfare Tech

DigitalWell Ventures is a dual-location startup accelerator in Sweden and Norway supporting Nordic & Baltic digital health and welfare businesses preparing to scale their business.

This is how we do it (a piece of it)

Collaboration with Startup Ecosystems in 8 countries

DigitalWell Ventures is a part of the greater Oslo region and has dual-locations in both Karlstad (Sweden) and Oslo (Norway) combined with strong networks and advisory boards within the startup ecosystems in the Nordics and Baltics.

Innovation Support Pre-Accelerator

Together with DigitalWell Arena Innovation Support we have an opportunity to offer companies pre-accelerator support, helping companies and entrepreneurs to strengthen their business models before joining the DigitalWell Ventures Accelerator Program.

The DigitalWell Accelerator Program & Venture X

Our combination of both offering accelerator services to innovative companies in the digital health and welfare sector and to the the public sector Venture X makes us a unique accelerator in the new Nordics.

Investment in Top Performers

In collaboration with our investor network we invest in the best companies from the DigitalWell Accelerator Program. We offer demodays for startups and different forms capital opportunities together with our parters.




Join DigitalWell Investor Network DigitalWell Investor Network The main purpose and focus is to build strong relationships between investors in the tech-startup and scale-up environment.


Are you in for a challenge? Apply to The DigitalWell Accelerator Program  The DigitalWell Accelerator Program is a dual-location accelerator in Sweden and Norway for

Public sector

Introducing Venture X A demand-driven accelerator for the public sector DigitalWell Ventures are developing a unique form of demand-driven accelerator – Venture X – to



Det regionala projektet DigitalWell finansieras av Europeiska Unionen – Europiska regionala utvecklingsfonden. Syftet med DigitalWell är att vi tillsammans ska utveckla digitala lösningar för behov inom välfärden med användarens egenförmåga i fokus.